Friday, April 30, 2010

What's happened to Tankspot?

So here I am, fresh off my account expiring making another WoW post.

The website used to be a decent (but never great, IMO) site for tanking tips and gear; somewhere you could go to chat with other tanks about tanky topics.

Then, about when Wrath came out, the site slowly started hosting strat videos. This trend continued until Tankspot was the new bosskillers. All they did was strat vids. And that Lore guy's insipid comments about everything...why people worship the guy so much I'll never understand. All he does is spout off some basic common sense ("If you want to avoud burnout don't raid old content!") and people fall over themselves.

And just when I thought they couldn't get any worse, now all they've been doing is panhandling for money for their pet projects and reporting the same cataclysm info that MMO champ presented a week ago.

I guess the blame isn't entirely on them. Currently, Warrior tanking is embroiled in nothing more than "Sure, tanking is mindless and easy, but other tanks have it even more mindless and easier than we do!" So yeah, tanking kinda sucks now, which is one of the bigger reasons I quit WoW.

So I guess I shouldn't care. But I guess I still look back on older days fondly, when tanking was serious business. Yeah, I was a fucking bad ass tank. I could tank any BC heroic in blues and make it look easy. I was the best. So yeah, it bothers me that tanking has been reduced to "stand there and get hit." And the Tankspot change is a good indicator of that.

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  1. As a dps I simply look at tankspot for videos and don't really read the info.

    I'm certain for you its much more important to have good details on the site since its suppose to be more tank specific info. I take your role quite seriously. I've seen some very bad tanks so let me tell you tanks are very much appreciated:)