Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello World

Welcome to my new blog. I've been away from thinking and writing about games for quite awhile, so this is an effort to get that back on track. I'm a 30-something gamer that has been playing videogames since I was 4 years old. Over the three decades that I've been gaming, there's been quite a shift in gaming and everything associated with it. This blog will be a general musing (complaining about) the state of videogames today.


  1. Okay, sure, I'll play along.

    Interesting ideas you put forth in your comment on another blog. Let there be no room for nuance or complexity, no exploring two sides of an issue, no acknowledging that something might not be great and might not be terrible either. Everything is either totally fucking awesome or complete and utter garbage. Also, let's hear it for deep-seated hatred. An entire message board devoted to tearing a writer to shreds. Right on. (Who then, I wonder, are some people you admire in the field?) Looking forward to your posts here. Let's see if you're just gonna bitch about people who are working in the industry who you happen to disagree with, or if you actually have any thought-provoking insights of your own to share about games.

  2. You've got a good blog so far, and I'm looking forward to more entries! It's interesting how you mentioned the Kane and Lynch controversy, and that Carolyn Petit from Gamespot posted on this entry. Looking back in her blog and comments to her blog I found a lone post from this user:

    This is Carolyn's last blog post (as a regular user), where she was supposedly so upset over the incident that she was going to quit Gamespot. A few months go by, and this post is deleted while a brand new one is posted, as if nothing changed. A little later we find that she's working for Gamespot! Yeah, well that's a great way to stick it to greedy review sites! Become a part of them when an opportunity presents itself! A little two-faced in my opinion.

    Near the end of last year I commented on a post that where she basically said that people's opinions can be wrong and/or invalid. A few other commenters disagreed and said it sounded like elitism, so she definitely has a superior attitude. I was pissed and wrote a long comment, and I mentioned how strange it was that she is a transgendered person who calls other's opinions wrong, while she has a problem with other people calling her choice in lifestyle wrong. Whatever. When a critic sticks their nose in the air and starts calling me wrong for liking things that they don't, then that's when I lose all respect for them.

    Just a couple posts before that one, she wrote about how she purchased "Shadow Complex," which is based on a world created by an anti-gay rights activist. She apparently felt a little weird about it, being transgendered and all. She posted this ridiculous analogy on her Blogspot site to justify her purchase, and someone ripped apart this analogy in the comments there. So she continues to support people or companies that are against what she supposedly believes in. I think she's twisted and confused.

    So basically to sum up she's a backstabbing opportunist, a snobby elitist, and an addicted betrayer. She's a perfect example of the reviewers (and people in general) that I have absolutely no respect for.